GE Appliance Repair in White Plains as well as other brands

Of the 58,404 people currently living in White Plains NY, you probably feel like the most frantic of them all right now because one of your major home appliances has unexpectedly failed.

 Maybe you’ve just arrived home from work only to discover that all of the food in your freezer has defrosted.

Or perhaps you’ve just returned home having collected the children from school and stepped in the big puddle of water and realized there is a urgent need for a dishwasher repair.

When a major home appliance stops working it can be stressful and worrying to say the least. We fully understand just how frustrating it can be because like you, we’ve been in your position ourselves at one time or another.

The good news is that we've offered a helping hand to hundreds of people who've experienced issues with their household appliances and now we'll do the same for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone, drop us an email or fill in our short online form where you can pick for example a

 garbage disposal repair service or microwave repair, and the you get your free instant quote.

Then we'll do the rest.

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Wesley MichaelWesley Michael
08:45 16 Sep 23
I filled out an online appointment request, and got a call from a really friendly guy the next morning. Booked it for the day after. Raj showed up right on schedule, took the time to walk me through the washer repair as he did it, and the price was totally reasonable. Definitely gonna call White Plains Appliance Repair again when I need help down the line.
16:27 15 Sep 23
Service date sept 8 2023.My 9 year old GE refrigerator was making setpoint for the freezer (0 degrees) but not the refrigerator section (set to 37 Degrees but only reaching 48). Lots of condensation inside the refrigerator section and food not lasting as long as it should. I am somewhat handy so I cleaned the coil ( very dirty) and checked to see that fan inside the refrigerator compartment was running ( all good). I know these units have a 8-12 year life span.Made an appointment 2 days out. They showed up in the window of time they gave me. Evaluated the unit and were very honest. Their best diagnosis was one of the two temperature sensors are bad and possibly needs Freon. I decide to go for both sensors ( they had the parts with them). They checked the Freon and it was ok so no work or charge for that.They said to give it overnight and call back with any issues. I know these newer refrigerators are not as "powerful" as older units due to energy star requirements so I waited.18 hours later the unit settled in right on temperature and has been running great ever since ( a week later).Good idea to call these guys.
Eileen ThomasEileen Thomas
14:29 30 Aug 23
This appliance repair company is quick to reply to both emails and calls, and they're effective at getting things sorted. I liked how professionally they handled fixing my GE refrigerator Just a heads-up: If they provide a timeframe, they tend to show up towards the later part of that window. Overall I awas very satisfied with the repair
Clinton AndrewsClinton Andrews
18:47 28 Aug 23
Gotta hand it to an honest company! Gave them a call late on a Saturday. Showed up at my door on Sunday. And guess what? As I figured, no issues with my tenant's oven, just like they confirmed. Paid the 80 usd for the consultation, got an invoice sent over email. No fuss, no tricks—easy as a laid-back Sunday morning! If I ever run into another snag, I know who to call!
Camilla HudsonCamilla Hudson
20:16 22 Aug 23
I filled out an online appointment request, and got a call from a really friendly guy the next morning. Booked it for the day after. Raj showed up right on schedule, took the time to walk me through the washer repair as he did it, and the price was totally reasonable. Definitely gonna call White Plains Appliance Repair again when I need help down the line.
David WheelerDavid Wheeler
10:57 22 Aug 23
They responded super fast and provided excellent service. The guy who came over managed to get the part I required on the very same day. The pricing was also quite reasonable. Must recommend this appliance repair company in white plains especially for washing mashines and refrigerators
Michael WilliamsMichael Williams
19:27 21 Aug 23
Brought the guys in for the second round – first time was my washing machine needing a fix, and the second time was my dryer. On both occasions, the white plains appliance repair technician was impressively thorough and no-nonsense. They quickly identified the problems, had the needed parts, and got things fixed. The cost was quite fair. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this appliance repair service when you live in Valhalla or somewhere in westchester
Marc StephensMarc Stephens
00:49 18 Aug 23
I hired White Plains Appliance Repair for my tenants in Woodlands, Westchester County. They were prompt, knowledgeable, and fixed the appliances quickly. They charge a diagnostic fee that goes towards the repair cost. If you are looking for a refrigerator repair in whitepleins or basically anywhere in westchester then thiese guys are should the first ones on your list. Highly recommended for reliable appliance repairs in the area
Chris SpringerChris Springer
07:12 20 Jul 23
My dishwasher was not draining. Since there was no clog in my sink and water was collecting in the hose but not draining through, I figured the problem was the pump, which I replaced myself. When that did not fix the problem, I called for a professional. When I explained what happened, the guy on the phone basically told me to fix it myself by changing the hose. I should have taken that as a sign of things to come and shame on me for not doing so. So after attempting (myself) to change the hose (I am not a plumber, an electrician, or any sort of handyman mind you) I realized it was time for help. I called back and a repairman was dispatched. I was told he’d come between 1 and 5 and he showed up at 5:02, didn’t seem to assess the situation, just drained the hose and considered his work done. I paid him $180 and he left, confident he’d resolved the issue. I ran it that night and woke to find it had not drained. I won’t be fooled again, I bought a new dishwasher this morning. Would not recommend.
April SandersApril Sanders
03:43 06 Jun 23
I had a major issue with my washing machine's drain pump malfunctioning, and it was causing quite a mess. Guys from m and k appliance repair sunset park saved my life Their technician quickly diagnosed the problem and efficiently replaced the faulty drain pump. It was very smooth experience, I would give them more stars if it was possible. If you're dealing with appliance troubles, especially a washing machine and live in the neighborhood or around I highly recommend M&K Appliance Repair. They know their stuff and will get you back up and running in no time!
Mark MoranMark Moran
11:38 20 May 23
I had a really great experience with this appliance repair service in Valhalla. So here's what happened: I had a crazy situation where my refrigerator had an electrical fire. It was scary, but luckily white plains appliance repair sent their technician, Robert, right away. Robert was awesome. He took the time to explain everything, showed me the damage, and walked me through what we needed to do next. While we were waiting for the parts to arrive, I had a bunch of questions, and Robert was super helpful. He even gave me some tips on how to get rid of the smoke smell. Even though he more of a silent type he really made me feel at ease and assured me that we were doing everything right. I can't thank him enough for that! The only downside was that the repair took two visits because they had to order a part. But hey, at least they got the job done well and efficiently. If I had one complaint, it would be that the scheduling could have been better. They weren't really flexible with adjusting the appointment to my schedule, even when they had to change it. But overall, I'm really impressed with Robert and how he handled everything. He's a true professional and provided outstanding service. Thank you so much for your help!
Charles RumphCharles Rumph
16:50 25 Apr 23
I am from Westchester, Scarsdale and I must say these guys are number one as far as I am concerened. I had an issue with my dishwasher and fridge, and luckily I found this appliance repair service. Their team of technicians are the real deal - they were able to come out to my place quickly and diagnose the problems in no time.They were good to explain everything what was wrong and did not bore me with unnecessary details. They proudly deserve to be on top. Thank you google.
George StoddardGeorge Stoddard
10:02 23 Apr 23
I want to give a shoutout to this company because they really are profesionals. The technician knew his stuff and got my washer fixed up real quick. The price was also pretty reasonable and didn't break the bank. If you need someone to fix your appliances, especially if you got a janky washer, these guys are the ones to call. They're legit and know their stuff. I'll be keeping their number on speed dial for sure. They are best if you live in White Plains or anywhere in Westchester and south of there.
Serge Del GrossoSerge Del Grosso
20:50 07 Jan 23
I needed an estimate on a washer repair. The technician advised that the repair would be almost as expensive as buying a new machine. I appreciated the honest diagnosis. He also gave good advice on what new models to buy. There was an $80.00 diagnostic fee, which I considered money well spent.
Anthony KellyAnthony Kelly
06:11 26 Oct 22
I was very impressed with the professionality of the technicians, they obviously knew what their doing. I had a broken stove. It took a few days to get the new parts because it was an old model but everything else worked ok so there was no need to buy a new one. Anyway, its working now and it did not cost a liver. Thanks
Jeanette JoslynJeanette Joslyn
11:58 21 Oct 22
Repairmen were very communicative, very efficient, did not need any of my assistance, got the parts in reasonable time. The repair itself was done in a couple of hours. Highly recommend this appliance rapair company.
Sam VillarealSam Villareal
09:44 11 Oct 22
My first time calling an appliance repair guy, usually we buy a new appliance but this was expensive fridge. The estimate was reasonable and the job done fairly quick so will rethink my new-is-always-better strategy for the future.
    Since discovering that one of your household appliances has malfunctioned, you’ve probably turned to the internet in an effort to answer this very question for yourself. Right now, you might be thinking that a home DIY repair will be the quickest, easiest and cheapest option to get your appliance back up and running.Not necessarily. When it comes to the inner workings of our refrigerators, garbage disposal units and washing machines, the truth is that getting the right spare parts and fitting them correctly isn’t always that straight forward for the untrained person. Just imagine yourself conducting a refrigerator repair and messing up the tubes and filling the who fridge.But aside from that, there’s the much more important factor of safety. And it’s not just the safety of the person doing the fixing that you need to consider – it’s the safety of everyone living in your home. For example while you are making a washer repair or dryer repair you might accidently flood your whole bathroom.

    The vast majority of us passively use our appliances every single day without much thought. But think about it for a second. While your microwave might look and seem like a safe and unassuming device, the truth is that it emits microwave radiation every time you use it.

    And what about your stove repair or oven repair? Sure, you’re fully aware of the fact that it presents a potential fire hazard, but what about the very real risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that a faulty range might present?

    While it might be tempting to dive into a DIY repair for your major home appliances, why not guarantee your own safety and that of your family by giving us a call?


    So you need a local appliance repair service in White Plains NY that will send out a reliable, experienced, quality service repair technician at short notice and also won’t cost you the world. Fully qualified and with years of experience providing repairs on all of today’s major brand home appliances, our services include:
    Dishwasher Repair: According to consumers, the most common problem we experience when it comes to dishwashers are reports of it not cleaning properly. The good news is that there’s a lot we can do to prevent some of those faults occurring so frequently. But when all else fails, we’ve got you covered with any dishwasher repair needs.
    Washer Repair and Dryer Repair: Having fully functioning laundry appliances is an absolute must. Whether you own a standalone top-load agitator, front-loader or High Efficiency top-loader - or whether you’ve opted for a combined model washer and dryer – we’ve got the skills and experience to make all the washer repair along with dryer repair for all models available on today’s consumer market.
    Garbage Disposal Repair: Whether it’s the more commonly purchased continuous-feed model, or the lesser known batch-feed model that you own, the food waste disposer isn’t just great for reducing household odors, it’s equally as beneficial for the environment. But if your grinder isn’t fully functioning, we're here to give you a helping hand in the garbage disposal repair.
    Microwave Repair: With both over-the-range and standalone countertop models available, advancements in technology have meant the trusty microwave has evolved massively over the years, so much so that on today’s market we even have the option to purchase microwaves that are voice activated. Let us navigate the issues you’re facing with yours and provide you with the best microwave repair service.

    Oven Repair and Stove Repair
    : Is it a stove? Is it an oven? Is it a range? Whatever label you chose, the fact that there are so many different makes and models available on today’s market is proof enough that since its invention in the 18th Century, this cooking appliance has evolved dramatically. Our cooking equipment is essential to our everyday lives and when a gas or electric kitchen appliance breaks, it’s always best to let an experienced professional take the reins.
    Refrigerator Repair and Freezer Repair: The refrigerator is often the most expensive item to purchase in today’s kitchen – and the freezer repair is often the costliest expense. Significant advances in technology have resulted in today’s refrigerators being able to remind you what items you’ve included on your shopping list, play your favorite music and even remind you of what homework the children need to complete. Despite all of the exciting features, the most common issue when it comes to our refrigeration appliances is not being able to keep our food cold enough. The risks of refrigerator repair or freezer repair need can be severe, so let us to care of those cold appliances for you.
    Vent Hood Repair: The vent hood is one of the top five most purchased kitchen items so far in 2020. Providing that all important fan assistance and ventilation while cooking, the vent hood is a must-have in most kitchens. With a number of mechanical components under the hood, it’s always best to let a trained professional investigate any issues that might be occurring. Vent hood repair is something you should consider before it is mostly much more cost efficient option.


    There are 22,069 households in White Plains NY and we’re proud to be able to provide those all-important repair services to each and every one of them. We cover all 35 White Plains neighborhoods, including:

    • Battle Hill
    • Bryant Gardens
    • Carhart
    • Colonial Corners
    • Downtown White Plains
    • East White Plains
    • Eastview
    • Ferris Avenue
    • Fisher Hill
    • Fulton Street
    • Gedney Farms
    • Gedney Manor
    • Gedney Meadows
    • Gedney Park
    • Green Acres
    • Haviland Manor
    • Highlands
    • Holbrooke
    • Idle Forest
    • North Broadway
    • North Street
    • North White Plains
    • Dekalb
    • Old Mamaroneck Road
    • Prospect Park
    • Reynal Park
    • Ridgeway
    • Rocky Dell
    • Rosedale
    • Saxon Woods
    • Secor Gardens
    • Soundview
    • Westminster Ridge
    • Winbrook
    • Woodcrest Heights.

    Some repair companies are helping each other and exchange valuable information one of such partners is also appliance repair st louis who we recommend for and appliance repair needs in their location.

    OUR CUSTOMER, OUR PRIORITYWe’re here to reassure you 

    When you call us, you'll be greeted by a calm and reassuring member of our team who will listen closely to understand exactly what's happened and what support you need. We'll provide you with accurate timescales so you know exactly when a member of our team can come out to start working - and the added reassurance that you won't have to sit in all night waiting and wondering when they might arrive. Just one phone call to our expert team will put your mind at ease.We’ll treat your home like it’s our home

     Having a total stranger in your home can be unsettling - even if they are there conduct a oven repair. All of our repair service technicians are experienced professionals who will treat both you and your home with the respect and consideration you deserve.Always well-presented and clean, our service repairmen will do what they can to make sure any disruption to your home is kept to the absolute minimum. And if you want them to take off their boots at the door, they'll happily oblige.Thorough is our middle name


    Have you ever got the feeling you're not being listened to? That the person you're talking to doesn't really care about what you’re saying? When you book our services, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that our repair technicians are very interested in what you have to say. Why?

    Because one of the best ways to diagnose a problem with a broken appliance is to find out exactly what happened from someone who knows - you. Your input will help us diagnose the issue and guide us to the best place to begin our inspection. Once we have carried out a thorough investigation, we'll explain what’s caused the appliance malfunction as well as letting you know how we plan to fix it. A stove repair will be done in no time after a careful diagnostic 

    We’ll always tell you how it is 

    Openness and honesty are priorities for us so we’ll never over promise and under deliver. When it comes to providing you with a quote for our appliance repair services, we’ll always base it on our best knowledge. And when it comes to how quickly we can do the job, we’ll always give you realistic timescales.

    You can count on the right person to do the job 

    When it comes to your repair service technician, we’ll always make sure we allocate the right person to deal with the task at hand. Not only will they be fully qualified to manage the repairs to your particular appliance model, they’ll also be well experienced in dealing with the type of appliance breakdowns you’re facing.And the right tools to do the job

    Our service repairmen come fully equipped with a wide supply of spare parts, which gives them a greater chance of being able to complete your repairs there and then. If they don’t happen to have the part you need in supply, they’ll make it a priority to have the spare part ordered and fitted as a matter of urgency.You'll never have to worry about hidden costs

    Providing you with the exact cost estimate for your service repair is a tough ask, and while we'll always give you our most accurate quote based on what we know about the issues you’re facing, it might be the case that we quote slightly low or slightly high. But rest assured, we’ll always revise our estimates as soon as new information becomes available to us. Whatever the case, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will always offer you a fair, reasonable and competitive price for the work we carry out. 


    It’s not just old appliances that need maintenance and repairs. To get the best possible performance out of all your household helping budies for as long as possible, we always suggest starting as you mean to go on and scheduling in annual appliance maintenance services. Old or new, we’ve got you covered. So why not give us a call, drop us an email or get your instant free quote online today.

    We cooperate withIn this big business of appliance repair we have found some businesses that helped us here and there and we helped back Companies like Retaining Walls Dallas and Home Repair Covington has helped us a lot so if you are gonna be in Dallas and their sercive give them a call.

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